• Hello world Press Elements

    The landscape of WordPress has evolved, and whilst I have written about themes and design systems on specific sites, I wanted to explore something a little different this time with a site that brings together some of the critical elements of a WordPress site: blocks, patterns, templates, styles – components. The space is evolving, there is a lot to learn, explore and start sharing.

    This site is also going to include as phase 3 grows, reflections and thoughts on the work around the component system, because it’s critical to understand to extend the experience. There will be news, experiments, and sharing insights and I will also bring together information across three other project sites I have been working on, summarised here:

    • Blockspiration: focusing on each block in a post, resources and exploring around block styling, creation and all things ‘block’. The first post up there already dives into the audio block. I am going to be sharing as I learn on this site. You can find, for example, a growing list of core blocks and even experimental ones on this site.
    • Patternspiration: from the pattern-a-day experiment to the recent default theme series, I have loved exploring patterns and want to continue.
    • Templatespiration: this will be where templates/template parts and everything template are explored.
    • Stylingspiration: this site focuses on styling, which is a wide area. I am starting with a review of theme.json value by value and will also review each feature. Like the blocks, this will be sharing what I am learning.

    My longer-form essays won’t stop at now next labs, these sites are focused on discovery, sharing and commentary. I also plan if a resource is considered valuable to ensure it gets back to the right make handbook; over the years I have gained so much from the incredible documentation.

    It’s always fun to start new projects so I am diving in looking forward to sharing again as I discover.